Let’s begin with what is no longer fashionable for a spiritual person to be wearing in the coming year.

1. I want this, this, and this. Them? Oh, that’s their karma. Greed is completely passe. Greed has been destroying nations, cultures and this planet and it is completely the wrong energy for any woman or man of spirit to be wearing in the coming year. Taking care of yourself is always appropriate, but hording is like wearing too many clothes, you just look fat and miserable.

2. My needs are more important than your needs. Quite frankly it never was a very good way to live unless you really like living alone, but it has caught on and become a mainstream trend for far too long. It is time to substitute this for something you can really wrap yourself up in.

3. I know what’s best for you. I know you think you know, but I know better. This might be ok between a parent and child when your little one is about to run out in front of a car. Short of that, who wants to listen to someone tell you how to live your life, as though you had no self-awareness of your own. Toss this one directly into the garbage can where you can’t get to it again. That way you can’t suddenly decide you are in the mood to put this one on.

4. Don’t be a victim. This is often said with good intent without realizing the person feeling like a victim usually truly has been victimized (even if they did choose the path) and has got to get to feelings of self-compassion before they are ever going to be self-empowered. I suggest we just cut this statement up into bits and use the pieces to make a nice comfy quilts for people in emotional need.

5. I’ve already mastered that. There is nothing I can learn from you. It has certainly become trendy to know everything about everything, be a powerful teacher, and have nothing to learn from anyone else. Another great way to alienate yourself into oblivion. It may have been popular in the 90’s, but we are well into the next millenium and it is time for more color, more variety, more experimentation—and that comes from lots of ideas.

What IS in fashion this year?

1. My prosperity is growing and I’m sharing some with you. Now this will have you and everyone around you glowing, especially if you make it a gift, not a loan. Surpise the heck out of someone and watch them get teary, smile, and hug you. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks.

2. You and I each want something different. Let’s see how we can manifest both of our dreams. Talk about an explosion of beauty. Now more than one of you is going to come to life—becoming creative and vibrant souls in the world. Make it a practice with everyone you know and you’ll become a trend setter.

3. May I ask you some questions that might help you decide what you need to do? Seeing the divine wisdom in someone else is going to cause you to radiate like a jewel. Forget wearing stones and crystals. You’ll be one. Plus you’ll be popular. People love to be with someone who sees them in their power.

4. Tell me your story. Listening with compassion is absolute grace in motion. Sometimes we just need to get past the fluffier, fun, and light-hearted styles for a while, and get into something earthy and deep. Being with all the textures and nuances of healing gives you depth and richness of character. You will be as warm and as attractive as the sun.

5. What can I learn from you? Regardless of who you are with and what you are exploring, there is a mystery just waiting to be uncovered and you are going to uncover it. Like a rainbow child, you see the marvel and magic in every color. Your enthusiasm for color is infectious and everyone around you proudly displays their unique palette, while you bask in the awe of so many wonders.

There you have it! The next trend in spiritual fashion. Have you got what it takes to create a year of greater style and spiritual panache!