by Amari Gold

As I stroll through the forest this Autumn watching the leaves fall to the ground, I notice that each one is on a distinct and separate journey of transition.  Some leaves take much longer than others to reach their destination.  There are those that are lifted and carried by the wind dancing and dodging like a kite on a string. Others swirl in a descending spiral falling to the river where they are swept away.  As I watch the falling leaves, I hear the voice of the forest speaking, sharing with me an elegant insight into the nature of life and death.

leaves-1121799_640Like the falling leaves, the journey of transition from life to death is different for each of us.  It takes as long as is necessary for our completion and transformation into our next phase of expression.  What we perceive as death is no different than what occurs here in the forest with every season.  Movement always gives way to what is next to be birthed.  This is the circle of life.  Leaves fall from the tree, yes.  Their expression in that form is nearing its end, it is true.  But the expression continues still, by feeding the Earth and her fecundity, giving rise to new life yet again.

In our current times, we may see old structures falling away.  I am reminded by the Autumn leaves that as old things fade away giving rise to what is yet to be, to mourn the loss, and as important, to celebrate the birth.