Miciella’s story about trust and manifestation is immediately below this one.

My elder once told me I had a lot of vulture medicine. I was not impressed. “Yuck,” I thought, “Who would want that for a medicine animal?”

She was wiser than me. She just grinned. “Well,” she said, “Do you find yourself, in your consulting work, going in and cleaning up messes that have been made? That is vulture medicine and it is powerful. It means that you make sure the cycle of life is maintained so that there is no waste.”

You see what I mean. She was wiser and she was right. I taught business owners and employees how to use their human resources more effectively and efficiently so that businesses would operate in harmony, with reduced employee turn-over and less harm to the human spirit. It was vulture medicine that helped me see what needed to be done and how to do it.

Here is what I’ve discovered about vulture medicine since those days. I notice where messes get created and I notice how frequently we humans leave messes for someone else to clean up. It explains a lot about why this planet has been so badly damaged. Now, there are simply too many messes for those of us with vulture medicine to keep up.

What does that mean? We could all stand to adopt a little “inner vulture.” If we all cleaned up our own messes, the world would be a better place to live in.

Where did we learn to make messes and then leave them for others to clean up? At home. Who cleaned up after us? Mom. Teachers. Big brothers and sisters. Sound familiar? That’s right. We learned our habits as children and then we carried them right into our familial and business decisions.

You spilled your milk when you were old enough to clean it up yourself, but mom cleaned it up. Your dad came home, threw his coat and lunchbox on the counter and your big sister put them away. Mom smoked cigarettes and you cleaned the ashtrays when you got home from school.

Now we spill oil in the ocean, dump our waste in the ocean, pollute the air, throw away re-useable items into landfills…you get the picture…and then expect someone else, someday, to clean up the damage because we are too busy making money right now or involved in more important matters.

So what can we do? The answer is profoundly simple. We begin changing beliefs and habit in our own homes—in our daily lives. We create a field of consciousness in which this notion simply dies a natural death and is replaced.

While we need to think and act green, and there are lots of websites with information to teach us how to do this, we also need to look at ways in which we are littering—making messes in our home and community—physically, emotionally and spiritually—and expecting or wishing someone else would clean them up.

When we do harm at any level, we find it within ourselves to clean up the damage. We make a conscious effort to clean up after ourselves and when we have become a conscious steward of our own energy, we encourage our family members to do the same.

There is a little bit of vulture medicine in all of us. And as one woman who cares about the world to another who loves this planet, I invite you to find your “inner vulture” and join me in cleaning up because a beautiful world is waiting for us.

Celebrating “Someone Else”