Here is Your New Version of The Holding Meditation

The Holding Meditation

by Misa Hopkins | The Holding Meditation

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New video support series—Secrets of the Sacred Feminine Revealed

“Holding is the most ancient form of Sacred Feminine prayer. It is a direct path to the unconditional love that sets you free, allowing your emotions to become doorways to awakening.” —Mother Misa

Discover the most effective ways to Hold for your healing and awakening in this video series

Module 1 – Holding Yourself

Holding Yourself videos take you into The Holding guided meditation Misa describes in her best-selling book, Sacred Feminine Awakening: The Emergence of Compassion.

As the first part in the Secrets of the Sacred Feminine Video Series, you learn the most effective ways to Hold yourself for healing and awakening.

You’ll receive one video per week for four weeks. Each video includes instruction from Misa, and then she’ll lead you in the Holding guided meditation, using the principles you have just learned.

Here is what you’ll discover in each video:

  1. Expanding Your Consciousness in Sacred Feminine Awareness and Potential
    Holding yourself through the constrictions of fear, so that you can create in peace and confidence
  2. Healing Emotionally and Physically
    Healing your soul lessons, childhood traumas and empathic reactions, at the root of depression, anxiety and illness
  3. Awakening Your Heart: Fulfill Your Soul’s Deepest Emotional Needs
    Fulfilling the 10 emotional needs of the soul existing behind most limitations, and holding the secrets to your potential
  4. Manifesting Your Soul’s Most Profound Desires
    Creating from the unrealized potential and expansive Universe inside of you

Here’s what people have experienced using these Holding practices:

Ariann ended 15 years of chronic genetic depression using The Holding.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Misa … The Holding is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.” – Ariann Thomas, Ancestral Lineage Clearing

I have a stronger connection to who I am and my Divinity. There is so much teaching in the world that is superficial, but my experiences in the Sacred Feminine, go to the heart.

Ixchel Tucker

Adventure Quests International

After just minutes with Misa, immersed in the Sacred Feminine, issues started drifting away. With so much acceptance and understanding, it is easy to let go of the struggles, live in gratitude, and enjoy every opportunity to laugh.

Jeff Burger

Prescriptions From Heaven

I have discovered that my own awakening has been wonderfully inspired through the teachings of the Sacred Feminine. I’m grateful to have shared so many moments with Misa in the exploration of the Divine Feminine. It seems the greater the inner stillness—the greater peace and joy I have to share with the world.

Susan Amari Gold

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If this approach to creating spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom does not work for you, you can cancel for a full refund before you receive the second video. We know this has to be right for you.

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Plus, you also receive period insights from Misa, as well as her gift of Prescriptions From Heaven, daily inspirational e-cards for creating heaven on earth.

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Module 1 – Holding Yourself

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