by Reverend Misa

Great Mystery Who Lives Within All of Creation,

Some days I feel doubt creeping in. My fear and my anxiety try to take the place of my serene trust in your Divine flow and hope to be the enlightened being I know I truly am.

In those moments I turn to others. I listen to their stories. I come to understand how they overcame their fears and found their trust—their hope.

surf-455761_640Then I remember that my human mind and emotions are but a drop of water in a vast ocean of awareness. Within that vast ocean, there are drops of hope. All I have to do is come close to one other drop that embodies hope and I will merge with hope.

As hope, I can trust once again in a plan more grand than my humble human mind can yet imagine. In that trust, I can feel my hope welling up from a deep inner longing to become the full expression I came here to be.

In hope, fear and doubt simply do not exist and I am in alignment with the Divine flow of life once again.