We are probably most familiar with the archetypes of the Sacred Feminine described as personalities or goddesses. I’d like to suggest that there is another way to experience the archetypal energy of the Sacred Feminine. This is a perspective that may actually make more sense to some of you, especially our beloved men.

In my observations consulting with clients, participating and facilitating retreats and ceremonies, and in meditation practice, I have discovered that humans experience similar emotions. It seems that when someone is feeling a particular emotion and expressing it, we are able to identify with this very human occurrence.

If you take an emotion such as frustration into the Creation Meditation (http://www.newdreamfoundation.com/forums/index.php?topic=75.0), and if you stay present in compassion long enough, you will eventually feel the universal connection that we have to feeling frustrated.

One of the skills I teach in our Secrets of the Sacred Feminine Revealed (http://www.newdreamfoundation.com/sacred-feminine-secrets.htm) video series is how to hold raw emotion when someone is projecting their feelings onto you. There is a way to do this without ever entering their spiritual space, or sending them energy for the purpose of trying to make their life better or getting them to change so that you feel more comfortable.

Holding energy for a general positive affect, without ever entering someone else’s energy field, can be done because we are all connected through the energy of emotion. Therefore, if I address and allow healing for the intensity of my feelings and wounds behind my own emotions I affect the fabric of the web of life. We are archetypically connected through our emotions.

Consider how much emotions motivate our lives and our choices. When I was a business consultant, I noticed how often logically derived decisions were actually motivated by someone’s passionate desire for a specific outcome or driven by their passionate dislike for a particular methodology or approach.

We might tell the world we are basing our decisions on facts alone, and we may actually use well-established data to help inform our choices, but behind the facts, you will usually find an emotion motivating the general direction of the choice.

When we allow ourselves to sit in compassionate witnessing of our emotions, we are honoring an aspect of the Sacred Feminine within us. How often in your life have you tried to ignore your emotions in your decision-making processes, because you have found emotions to be unreliable and too intense?

Yet, if we were to be extremely honest with ourselves, we might discover our emotions are quietly driving our choices, in the background. Passive aggressive behavior is a case-in-point.

If I’m upset with my partner, but cannot safely communicate that feeling, nor know what to do about it, I might suppress that feeling in my dialogues with that person. However, unaddressed, my feeling of being upset simmers underneath the surface, until I do something to undermine the other person, ridicule or shame them about something. Passive aggressive behavior is a form of retaliation that arises when we are not meeting our true feelings in compassion.

Take that same feeling of being upset and hold it in compassion in a thoughtful, meditative setting until that feeling has been adequately understood, and you will find you know longer are driven by that feeling—subconsciously or consciously.

When the feeling is no longer driving your choices, your energy is free to hold space for your own needs, as well as someone else’s. Your creativity and intuition emerge to find new approaches that allow your needs and those of another person to be met simultaneously, without ever attempting to change someone else or suppressing your deepest desires or feelings.

Feelings are, in effect, faces of the Sacred Feminine. Each face or archetype exists for a reason and deserves to be recognized. When honored, those feelings become doorways of awakening to our true selves, where we are able to hold in love all feelings and all potential for the expression of life.